Absence doctor Bom

Doctor Bom will be absent from Friday 27 August to Friday 17 September. Max Roije, freelance GP, will replace Dr. Bom in his absence.

Job offer: Doctor's assistant

Huisartsen Ganzenhoef has an open vacancie:

Doctor’s assistant for 3-4 days a week.
See the vacancy text: Indeed

Start training General Practitioners

We started training general practitioners from 1 March. This means that a general practitioner trainee will be working at Huisartsen Ganzenhoef for a whole year. Sander Huttenhuis started with us on 1 March (see also team).
A general practitioner trainee is a graduated doctor who often has work experience as a doctor in a hospital. Dr. van der Pas and Dr. Bom are the supervisors this year.
You can therefore also be seen by the general practitioner trainee. He does independent consultation hours, but is closely supervised by us as a supervisor. We also discuss the consultations afterwards.
During a consultation you may be asked whether the conversation may be recorded. The video recordings are only used for training purposes and are always deleted after use. Permission will always be requested before a recording is started and you always have the right to refuse.

Departure Guylene

I regret to inform you that Guylene our nurse practitioner at Huisartsen Ganzenhoef has left us. She has decided to start education for nurse. Guylene was one of our earliest employees. We wish her every success in her further career. The patients who came to her are taken over by our 2 other nurse practitioners Samira and Deborah.

Amsterdam Southeast, Huisartsen Ganzenhoef, media and politics

In this period with corona, the media and politicis regularly pay attention to Amsterdam Southeast. Also because the amount of covid-19 infections is particularly high in our district. Media aswell as politicians often approach Huisartsen Ganzenhoef for our view of the matter. Here are some links to articles and photos: Trouw, NRC, Sigrid Kaag, Parool

Flu vaccination and pneumococcal vaccination

We will administer the annual flu vaccination on Tuesday 27 October. Everyone who qualifies for this will receive an invitation from us. For more information, please visit

This year, people aged 73 to 79 will also receive an invitation for a pneumococcal vaccination. For more information, please visit

We will take further measures to guarantee a 1.5 meter distance at the practice. The vaccination is administered by medical practitioners wearing a mouth mask and gloves because it is not possible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters during the administration.

Digital access to your patientfile

From 1 July, every patient is entitled to digital access to his or her file. At Huisartsen Ganzenhoef we have arranged this via the web portal. You can read more about this on “about the portal”. You can ask the doctors assistant to register for the portal. For more information you can also look at this infographic.

Information about the new coronavirus COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2:

From 1 June, anyone with mild complaints that may indicate the coronavirus can call 0800-1202 to make an appointment for a test at the GGD. The number is free and available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For general information about the new corona virus there’s a national information number: 0800-1351 or when you’re abroad: +31-20-2051351
You can also find information online on:,,,, corona in begrijpelijke taal or
When you will or are traveling: or

Abcense Ingrid Sporkslede

Due to personal circumstances our Psychologic therapist (POH-GGZ) Ingrid Sporkslede is abcent from January 2020 for several months. Jasmijn Selten wil be replacing Ingrid for this period. We expect Ingrid to be back around spring 2020.

Project Powerful Basic Care

Since 2019, Huisartsen Ganzenhoef has started a 2-year project Powerful Basic Care. It is a test in collaboration with Zilveren Kruis and the AOF (social poor district support fund). The practice receives compensation for more time for the patient (15 minutes instead of 10 minutes) and to be able to deploy more than average staff. Close collaboration with organizations in the neighborhood that offer social support to residents in the neighborhood.

Powerful basic care is an innovative integrated approach aimed at residents with high health risks and problems in multiple areas of life.

It is a way of looking, learning and doing by all professionals in the field of care, social welfare and prevention in the neighborhood. They share knowledge and information and go in search of an integral solution to the problem with the patient.

The result? Professionals can do their job better, customers reap the benefits of tailor-made care and services and the costs of care are significantly reduced!

New psychologic therapist POH GGZ Ingrid Sporkslede

Ingrid Sporkslede started working with us from February 2019. She works with us on Tuesday and fulfills the position of POH GGZ, just like Keetje de Boer. The POH GGZ is a special therapist working for patients with mental complaints. You can get an appointment through your doctor at this psychologic therapist to get more clarification about your psychological problems or for further guidance and treatment of your psychological complaints. For more information, see the page Care services and Team of our website.

Shifting evening consultation to Monday

From Monday 29 October, the evening consultation will be on Monday instead of Wednesday. In addition, the evening consultation is extended and runs until 21:00. The evening consultation is carried out every week by one of the 3 GPs and is by appointment.

New GP and new doctors assistants

From February 2018, doctor Addy van der Woude started with us as 3rd general practitioner. Dr. van der Woude has worked as a GP in the Southeast of Amsterdam for the last 5 years and knows the neighborhood like no other. We are therefore very pleased with her arrival. She is present the whole day on Tuesday and Thursday and the mornings on Monday and Wednesday. With the growth of the practice, her days will expand.
Celine Smit and Deborah Samuels started at the beginning of 2018 and mid-February 2018 as an addition to our doctor-assistants team.
Together with Nikki Teljoarubun who started at the end of 2017 as POH GGZ, we are now prepared for the further growth and development of Huisartsen Ganzenhoef.

Practice accreditation

With joy and pride we can announce that we are an accredited practice as of January 2018! This means that the practice meets a long list of quality conditions. In order to obtain this quality mark, the practice is subject to a recurring inspection. Practice accreditation ensures that a practice continues to develop and improve in order to provide the best possible care.

Patient satisfaction survey

Last March Huisartsen Ganzenhoef conducted a patient satisfaction survey among a randomly selected subset of patients in our practice. We are proud to announce that the judgments were very good. Nevertheless, we will continue our efforts to improve the practice. For more information and results please look on the feedback page.

Evening consultation changes to Wednesday

From January 2017 the evening consultation will take place on Wednesday instead of Thursday evening. The consultation will alternately be done by Dr. Bom and Dr. van der Pas.

Practice start of the year award 2015-2016

With pride and great joy we announce that Huisartsen Ganzenhoef has won the practice start of the year award 2015-2016 from the National Practitioner Association (LHV). This award makes us even more motivated to continue building a nice and welcoming family practice, as we think it should be.


As of the beginning of 2016 Guylene Tchinda and Keetje de Boer started with us. Guylene Tchinda is somatic nurse practitioner. She will do the checkups of the people in the practice with diabetes and the patients who have had a heart or vascular disease in the past and are no longer monitored in the hospital. She also assists people who want to quit smoking.
Keetje de Boer is a mental health nurse practitioner. She sees people from the practice with mental health problems and complaints. You can get an appointment with her through the GP if desired.

Change in consultation days of the doctors

As of Monday January 11th, dr. van der Pas holds consultation on Monday instead of Tuesday. His other clinic days are Wednesday to Friday.
Dr. Bom will change from Thursday to Tuesday. His consultion days are now Monday to Wednesday and on Friday.

Our new app!

It is now also possible to arrange your health issues with us online. You can create an account by calling us, or by coming down on the practice. Then, after having logged in you can schedule an appointment online, repeat chronic medication, ask a question by email or see results of diagnostic tests.