Results of the patient satisfaction survey
March 2016 Huisartsen Ganzenhoef conducted a patient satisfaction survey among a randomly selected subset of patients in our practice. The survey concerned a scientifically validated questionnaire that has been conducted by an independent resaerch office. Below you can see the results. We are proud to announce that the results were very good. Nevertheless, we will continue our efforts to improve our practice.

Satisfaction results on health care in GP office Huisartsen Ganzenhoef, March 2017:
(Questions were rated on a scale of 0 to 10, except when percentages are listed in the results)

The ease with which you could make an appointment 8.8
The period in which you could go for an appointment 8.8
The telephonic accessibility 8.9
The punctuality of the appointemnt 8.1
The appropriatenes of information when changes in the appointment were made 8.4
The facilities to ease the waiting 8.5
The cleanliness and hygiene of this health practice 9.1
The accessibility 9.0
The friendliness of the staff 9.0
The attention that was paid 8.8
The extent to which the provider is trying to understand your problem 8.9
The degree of say in the treatment or help you got 8.9
The expertise of the staff 8.8
The extent to which you were informed 8.6
The extent to which you understood this information 8.8
The effect of the consultation (as yet) 8.4
How likely is it that you would recommend your doctor to friends or colleagues 70%
I expect to continue to use the GP at this center 79%

Answers were given by 92 respondents.

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Is this difficult for you or when we do not come to an agreement, you can discuss your complaint with an independent and unbiased Complaints Officer. The Complaints Officer will look together with you to resolve your complaint or problem. The complaints officer may attempt to mediate the complaint. The complaints officer does not take sides and therefore has no judgment. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential. You can use the complaint form at the SKGE website. The complaints officer can eventual be reached by phone 088 - 022 91 90.

When an agreement with your general practitioner can’t be reached and mediation by the Complaints Officer does not lead to a solution, you can ask for a decision on your complaint by the Arbitration Body GP care. This independent committee consists of a chairman (a lawyer) and of members on behalf of patients and members on behalf of GPs. The committee is assisted by an official secretary who is a lawyer as well.
The decision of the Arbitration Body is final. More information can be found in the brochure in the waiting room and